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Discover your Child’s
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Your Child is Unique and needs personalised learning to ensure that they can achieve his/her true potential. Discover your Child’s True Talent with Joonify - The Smart Way to make an Impact to your Child’s Future

The Joonify Way to Learn Better

JOONIFY is India’s 1st Intelligent Platform for Kid’s Learning & Growth, providing Parents the widest range of online Learning Solutions for their child’s Growth Journey and Enabling them to make a Better Choice by discovering their child’s individual learning needs & help them achieve their True Potential for a Better Future with its Talent Development Program
Discover your Child’s True Talent
Discover your child’s true talent & career potential with our Smart Talent Assessment Tool
  • Student’s Aptitude & Learning Needs
  • Psychometric Analysis
  • Career Potential
Get Personalized Recommendations for Courses
Get Personalized recommendations of Learning Courses, with our Intelligent Assistive Technology
  • Wide Choice of Courses
  • Talent Advisors
  • Ratings & Filters
Be a part of your Child’s Learning Journey
Track your Child’s Course Progress with our intuitive Student Progress Dashboard
  • Track course progress
  • Score Cards
  • Manage class schedules
  • Multi Course Manager
Be a part of your Child’s Learning Journey
Be a part of your Child’s Learning Journey as you see him progress with our Student Growth Ladder
  • Smart Assessment Report
  • Leader Boards
  • Community Recognition
The Joonify

Talent Discovery Program

The SMART way to make a significant impact to your Child’s Learning & Growth.
The Joonify Talent Development Program (TDP) is our unique methodology for assessing young children (grade 1-5) to identify their strengths and increase their pace of development. The Program is designed to identify the learning dimensions / areas which need improvement and make the child practice those skills at an early age, to enable him/her to better face the challenging and competitive world with improved skills and knowledge.

The Joonify

Talent Discovery Assessment

Discover your Child’s Unique Talents
The Talent Discovery Assessment (TDA) helps in analyzing your child’s unique talents, personality traits, social skills, cognitive abilities, emotions, behavioral responses & interests

Unique Talents

Cognitive Profile

Personality Traits

Learning Needs

Interest Areas

Learning Dimensions

Our Mission

Empowering Parents to Help their Child Grow & Learn Better
We empower parents to help their child grow & learn better by enabling them to understand their child’s individual learning needs, discovering & utilizing the best learning resources, tracking their child’s progress, and preparing them for a successful life

The Joonify Promise

A Course for every need
AI based Smart & Intelligent Course Recommendation
Curated & Verified Course Providers
Dedicated Talent Advisors
Student Assessment developed by Reputed & Certified Experts
Built in India by an Experienced Team & Industry Veterans